Why should I meet with you, or any lawyer for that matter?

Too often I have people come to me after they have tried to handle things on their own. In some cases that is perfectly fine. However, there are times when people come to see me and it is too late for me to help either because they have missed a deadline or signed a document they did not understand. Meeting with any lawyer when legal issues initially arise can only benefit you in the long run. If you go about it the right way, lawyers can help you decide what information and documents will be necessary for your legal matter, discuss issues with you that you may not have thought of and, maybe more importantly, help you decide if you even need a lawyer.

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Why Choose Me?

Check out my biography for my qualifications.

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What is the charge for my initial consultation with you?

No charge. I will meet with you for up to an hour to discuss your legal matter (and maybe longer depending on the issues). If I cannot help you I will try to find someone who can. You will not be charged for anything until you retain my services and I have your authorization to begin the work.

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Are you my lawyer after our initial consultation?

No and you are not required to retain my services just because you schedule an initial consultation. A lawyer-client relationship will not be established until you sign an engagement letter outlining the legal services to be provided (scope of representation), an agreement on fees and other general matters

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What should I bring with me to my initial consultation?

A list of questions you have relative to hiring a lawyer, a completed intake form that you can either bring with you or submit online and any documents relevant to your legal matter.

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What is your hourly rate?

My hourly rate ranges anywhere from $160 - $250 an hour depending on the type of case. However, do not be dissuaded by the hourly rate. In certain situations I will represent you for a flat fee which will keep legal fees in check and I will take cases on a contingent fee basis. In addition, if appropriate, I will, at your request, take monthly payments.

I have also agreed to accept referrals through the SW PA Legal Services Modest Means Program which offers an opportunity for you to access attorneys on a reduced-fee basis if you qualify. To find out if you are eligible and, if so, to be referred to the program, contact SW PA Legal Services at (724) 225-6170 and asked to be referred to me.

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What additional costs might I have to pay in addition to your fee?

Typically, in addition to my fees, clients are responsible for filing fees, copying costs, postage, witness fees and fees relative to service of court documents on other parties.

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How can I pay my bill?

I accept cash, check, money order and credit card. You can pay in person or by mail.

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When do I need to pay your bill?

Generally speaking within 30 days of receipt of your invoice.

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Who should I call if I think I cannot afford a lawyer or what if you cannot help me?

Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services – www.splas.org
Washington County (724) 225-6170
Greene County (724) 627-3127
Fayette County (724) 439-3591
Somerset County (814) 443-4615

In Washington, Greene, Fayette and Somerset counties, if you meet certain income guidelines, you could qualify for free legal assistance.

In Washington County, SW PA Legal services also offers a “Modest Means” program for those that do not qualify for free legal assistance or perhaps perceive that they do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney. This program offers clients an opportunity to access attorneys who have agreed to accept referrals on a reduced-fee basis in specified areas of law. To find out if you are eligible and, if so, to be referred to the program, contact SW PA Legal Services at (724) 225-6170.

Washington County Bar Association – http://www.washcobar.org
The Washington County Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral Service. Call (724) 225-6170 to schedule a half-hour consultation with a licensed, insured attorney who has experience in the area of law related to your legal matter. The cost for the initial consultation is $50 and is payable to WCBA prior to the consultation. Any fees beyond the first half hour should be discussed and agreed upon by you and the lawyer.

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