Estate Administration

With extensive experience and a commitment to personalized service, Attorney Clancy guides families through every step of the estate administration process in Washington, PA, ensuring legal compliance and efficient resolution of estate matters.

Are you an Estate Executor or Personal Representative in the state of Pennsylvania looking for help administering an estate?

Estate Administration Attorney in Washington, PA

When someone passes away, his or her estate must be administered and closed according to the laws of Pennsylvania. State laws can change and often seem overwhelming, so you want to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of estate administration and probate law. Attorney Brett Clancy can guide you and your family through this difficult time, getting the estate administered legally and professionally in a timely manner.

Attorney Clancy will meet with you to review your situation and advise you as to what needs to be done, lead you through the process of opening, administering and closing an estate and preparing the estate inheritance tax return.

When the process is over, you will receive quality legal service and, more importantly, peace of mind.

By working with Attorney Brett Clancy, you get:

  • To work with a responsive attorney who has significant experience with these types of cases

  • A mediator for any family disputes that may arise along the way

  • Someone to efficiently resolve any claims made against the estate

  • Someone to handle the more complicated areas of the estate, especially if real estate or business ownership is involved

You do not have to do this on your own. By hiring an attorney to administer your estate, you leave the family free to mourn and eliminate the stress of dealing with these legal issues.

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