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Discover how Brett A. Clancy can support your business endeavors. With expertise in drafting contracts, navigating commercial transactions, and providing strategic advice, we offer comprehensive legal solutions to help your Washington, PA business thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Navigating Legal Waters: Expert Counsel for Business Challenges

Business Law Attorney in Washington, PA

Many different legal issues can crop up in the business world. A good lawyer can help minimize risk and anticipate issues that may arise in a business relationship and lead to costly litigation. My experience in commercial litigation allows me to advise clients on these issues.

Also, I am an attorney experienced in drafting, reviewing and amending contracts, leases, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements and operating agreements; forming or dissolving a business; negotiating contracts and leases; or simply providing advice to business owners concerning different commercial transactions.

I can and will provide you with comprehensive business law representation in entity formation (in concert with a tax professional) to determine the right business structure for you, commercial transactions, acquisitions and sales of businesses, contracts, document review, employee and independent contractor agreements, real estate matters, succession planning, nonprofit organizations, corporate governance and, of course, litigation matters.

An extension of business law, commercial litigation in its most general sense is litigation related to various complex or straightforward business disputes usually arising from a contract between two or more parties (business and/or individuals). I can help bring about a legal resolution through negotiation, mediation or arbitration and by filing a lawsuit for breach of the terms of the contract the result of which will be the recovery of damages stemming from the breach and in some cases specific performance of the terms of the contract. Equipped to handle small or large matters, I can provide representation in any number of situations including commercial contracts, the purchase and sale of assets, equipment or other lease agreements, construction, home repair, payment for services rendered, asset recovery, mechanic’s liens and other types of liens against property, disputes with respect to various forms of business organizations, debt collection and other business matters.

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